We offer a mixture of services ensuring all aspects are carried out safely and to our clients specification:

Tree Pruning

A tree surgeon usually has to use a combination of arboricultural practices to maintain a tree. It is very rare that a single method can be used to maintain the health and life of an individual specimen.

J Byfield Tree Services use proven working systems that comply with BS3998 (1989), industry best practices and the latest arboricultural standards.

Tree Felling

Trees need removing for a variety of reasons, it may have become diseased, unsafe or maybe causing damage to a property. This procedure is the complete felling or removal of the tree to ground level. Many of the properties we work on lack the space for directional/straight felling. To avoid damage to buildings and surrounding plants, we use a method called sectional tree dismantling. Here, individual branches and sections of the trunk are cut and lowered to the ground. We aim to leave the remaining stump as low as possible but it will always be above the level of the soil.

Crown Reductions

We use crown reduction techniques to reduce the height and the spread of the tree crown. We do this by removing branch ends. As far as is practically possible, we reduce the tree crown whilst maintaining natural shape.

Crown Thin

We remove a select amount of branches from within the canopy to allow more light through the tree. Crown thinning is a formative type of tree surgery that sees secondary branches removed without changing the tree size or shape. This improves light penetration through the canopy and reduces shade. It also lowers the crown’s wind resistance and subsequently reduces end-loading on the tree limbs.

Hedge Trimming

We reduce any hedge to our clients specifics, whilst still maintaining shape. We undertake hedge cutting projects and can work on species of any shape and size, covering wild, rural and ornamental hedges.

Dead Wood Removal

The removal of dead dying or diseased branches

Crown Lifting

The removal of the lowest branches of the crown, with the end result being to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lowest branches, usually to allow access below the tree for vehicles and pedestrians or to clear sight lines.

Emergency Work 24/7

J Byfield Tree Services have dealt with many fallen, dangerous and damaged trees over the years. Our experience and knowledge enables us to deal with any problem, anywhere at any time. We pride ourselves in solving issues quickly and effectively to give you peace of mind. Do not hesitate to call, we are here for you 24/7.

Christmas Light Installation

Installation of LED lights in any tree. Outshine your neighbors this Christmas, give us a call

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